Meet the Maker: My French Recipe

French cooking is often seen as fussy and complicated, but Isabel Mota is on a mission to change that perception. Her company My French Recipe brings classic French foods into your home via easy to make mixes. We hope you love getting to know her as much as we did!

Isabel the founder

First, what brought you to Texas from Paris? 

I am a French expatriate mom of 2 girls, and I followed my husband who got a job opportunity in Dallas. We moved from Paris to Plano Tx, and after a few months here I decided to help busy moms make delicious food at home, with My French Recipe baking mixes.

You mention that French cooking often gets a bad rap and is seen as delicious but overly complicated. Is there a French dish that you feel makes people the most nervous?

French macarons! And it’s true you can’t really improvise with a macaron recipe, however, if you have the right tools and the good macaron baking mixes ;), you can work your way to macaron magic too. 

I find that people are often scared of making homemade foods, but once you show them how, they realize it is not rocket science! You just need some confidence. And that is why My French Recipe is here for!

For someone who is new to French cooking, where would you recommend they start? Which one of your products is a great intro?

The madeleine mix and the lava cake mix are great to start with, they are the simplest to use, and are really amazing!

The madeleine mix makes super moist and soft cookies, and they are only 10 min prep. The lava cake is only 10 min prep as well, and this is the most indulgent cake you can make for yourself, your family or guests. 

With these recipes, nobody will believe you when you say that you can’t bake!

Are there more recipes or dishes that you want to one day bring to home cooks?

I am excited to bring delicious French bread mixes very soon. Because that’s something I really miss from France too. Americans will love how easy it becomes to make delicious bread, and the whole family will love the bread.

What is your favorite dish for bringing people together around the table?

I have 2 favorites for a family or friend gathering:

  • Crepe party: We prepare tons of different toppings savory and sweet, and we use an electric crepe maker with 4 spaces for mini crepes. We cook the crepes as we eat, and everybody can add the topping they want. It’s a fun way of spending time together.
  • Cheese and bread platter: We use different types of cheese and bread, fresh fruit and voila! 

They are my go to dinners when I want to spend time eating and connecting with our family and friends without having to be in the kitchen all the time.

We recently made your crepes and had them both savory (roasted veggies w/ goat cheese) and sweet (small batch chocolate hazelnut spread, fresh berries, and whipped cream). Any other ways you think we should try them?

My favorite savory is salad, goat cheese and honey, topped with some pecan. My favorite sweet crepe is an easy version of the crepes Suzette: It’s a delicious orange and caramel sauce, absolutely amazing!

But really, any topping is good with a crepe, as long as you like then it’s good!

Any favorite spots (restaurants, cafes, food shops, etc) in Paris that you would encourage people to visit if they make it to the city? 

I love to eat, whenever I am in Paris, I love going to Rue de Levis. It’s a cute street in the 17th arrondissement, close to where I used to live. This street has everything you need for the best food marathon! You will find traditional cheese stores, several bakeries, a fresh fruit market, tea and coffee stores, etc. That’s one of the hot food spots in Paris, and one of my favorite places to buy food.

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