Meet the Maker: L'Epicurien Lavender Flowers Confit

Started in Paris in 1982. Bernard Le Gulvout, a master jam maker, revived a 19th century delicatessen in the 12 arrondissement. He eventually relocated to Le Bosc in the south of France. This location put him right in the middle of the fruit producing region of Languedoc-Roussillon where he could create direct relationships with local producers and select only the best to be used in his products. 

In the early 2000s, his nephews Xavier and Benoit joined him. They have continued the tradition of small batch jams, spreads, and more. Using the freshest ingredients cooked in small batches in traditional cauldrons, L’Epicurean continues to create goods that bring the taste of the best of France to home kitchens. 

L'Epicurean products hold the EPV (Enterprise du Patrimoine Vivant) label which is bestowed by the government to French businesses demonstrating outstanding artisanal and industrial expertise. The label is awarded for a five-year period before it must be reviewed and renewed. With the family's continued focus on high-quality ingredients and exploration of flavors and culinary skills, they are sure to hold the award for years to come. 

What is confit?

Confit is a form of preservation where something is cooked at low heat in a medium (i.e. fat) that it will be stored in. It could be meat preserved in its own fat or, as in this instance, it is something preserved in sugar.

How to use Lavender Confit

The Lavender Confit included in the Taste of Paris B.I.T.E. Box is a delicate floral sauce perfect for making anything you add it to a little more special. A few of our favorite ways to use it:

  • As an accompaniment to cheese on a charcuterie board
  • Atop vanilla ice cream
  • Spooned over warm goat cheese to serve with crackers
  • Served with lamb and roasted vegetables

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