7 Ways to Cook with Duck Fat

Duck fat is a favorite cooking medium of chefs and French home cooks alike. You can use it in all forms from solid to liquid to create tasty dishes from fried to baked. Here are our seven favorite ways to use high-quality duck fat.

Duck roasted potatoed
  1. Fried potatoes - It doesn’t get any more classic than fried potatoes. Serve them with a perfectly seared steak and you can imagine you’re at a fancy French restaurant. 
  2. Poultry rubbed with duck fat - This might lead to the most crispy-skinned, moist bird you’ve ever had. This will make any gathering unforgettable.
  3. Popcorn - Yes, you read that right! Popcorn made the old-fashioned way is a fun experience for the whole family. 
  4. Caramels - Homemade caramels take time, but they are truly unforgettable. They also make the perfect gift for family and friends (or save them for yourself).
  5. Roasted vegetables - Take your fall veggies up a notch with duck fat. Replace oil or butter in your favorite roasted vegetable recipe and you’re on your way.
  6. Grilled cheese - For a truly decadent grilled cheese replace the butter with duck fat. Paired with Havarti, ham, and some spicy jam, it is the perfect adult indulgence. 
  7. Pie Crust - Replace half the butter in your favorite pie crust recipe with duck fat for a tender, flaky version. This is especially great for savory dishes such as pot pies.

Meet the Maker: Rougie Duck Fat

You could make your own duck fat at home. However, the Rougie duck fat in the Taste of Paris B.I.T.E. Box is a high-quality option for those of us who are short on time and ready to get cooking. 

Rougie is a well-known brand in France, and with those who enjoy cooking with classic high-quality ingredients. Established in 1875 and based in the medieval town of Sarlat in the Perigord region. They continue to serve the highest quality duck specialties in the world. They believe in sustainable family farming that allows free-range ducks to be gently hand-fed local-grown corn without hormones or antibiotics.

Their duck fat is perfect for any of the recipes above or any dishes you can think up! We would love to see what delicious bites you cook up - tag us on Instagram at @b.i.t.e_box or email us at ashley@beinspiredtoexplore.com 


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